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Process Work
Unintentional Music and Art
Process Oriented Conflict Facilitation

Lane Arye, Ph.D. specializes in three areas:


Process Work Unintentional Music & Art Process Oriented Conflict Facilitation
gives us a sense that life is rich, meaningful, and mysterious. Our joys and our problems, when approached with curiosity, respect, and heart, can be the starting point for self-discovery and personal fulfillment. helps us to release our deepest creativity. Whether we are professional or amateur, or think we have no talent at all, this exciting work can help us transform our music, our art, and ourselves. (also known as Worldwork) helps us to transform conflict into community, and enemies into allies. The same dynamics that create conflict can also create real understanding, reconciliation,
and social change.


Process Work, Unintentional Music & Art, and Worldwork are connected by a deep trust in one underlying principle:

All of life’s experiences, even the most disturbing ones, can lead us in the direction of change, growth, creativity, connection, and wholeness.

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