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Process Work
Experience with Process Work

Dreams that are disturbing or mysterious?
Chronic physical symptoms? Relationship troubles?
Addictive tendencies? Feelings of anger, sadness, or loneliness?
A history of abuse or trauma?

Or are you simply interested in learning more about yourself?

Rather than ignore or try to get rid of the things we don't like, we can transform them, and be transformed by them.

Instead of being concerned only with the cause of a problem, Process Work is interested in the direction the problem is leading us, what it is trying to teach us.

Every problem contains the seed of its own solution

All of your experiences, subtle or dramatic, wonderful or painful, are expressions of an underlying process. Noticing and exploring this deeper level can help you:

  • Find meaning and direction in your life.
  • Experience freedom, joy, and expression.
  • Connect to your creative and spiritual potential.
  • Create more intimacy and authenticity in your relationships.

PROCESS WORK, developed by Arnold Mindell, Ph.D. is a cross disciplinary approach to individual and collective change. With its roots in Jungian Psychology, Taoism, physics and shamanism, Process Work discovers potential patterns for change within the experiences that disturb us. Dreams, physical symptoms, addictions, family and relationship problems, group conflicts and social tensions, when explored and unraveled with exact skills and a heartful attitude, turn out to be the seeds of something creative and nourishing, bringing personal growth, expanded awareness and a sense of enrichment.

To experience Process Work, contact Lane for a session in his office in Oakland, California or on the telephone from anyplace in the world.

Lane also offers workshops and classes. Click here for a schedule or contact Lane to schedule a workshop.

To find out about Process Work trainings around the world, and link to Process Work websites worldwide, click here .


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"The whole workshop was absolutely amazing, from beginning to end. I was particularly struck by Lane's combination of warmth, humor, compassion, and complete attention to the group and to the individuals he worked with in the center. I have never found it easy to work with a man on anything connected with the abuse I experienced. When Lane worked with me - I just can't believe how easy it felt, and how liberating."

Denise Cutting - workshop participant from Birmingham, England.

"Lane’s work with me today helped me ease a heavy weight that has been upon my heart for so long. When I closed the gate after I left and looked at the world around me, everything looked and felt much different than when I had first entered. I can feel the deep healing that took place today throughout the stratum of my being."

Lisa Huftel, Berkeley, CA

"Lane's work has helped me get in touch with an inner guidance that I have been craving. It has helped me value the messages from my body, from the world, and from my dreams, and has given me tools for opening their secrets. The way Lane fearlessly opened his heart has inspired me to take risks in my own work and in my life. I am deeply grateful."

Heidi Wilson - workshop participant from Tucson, Arizona

"Lane works with amazing insight, compassion and personal clarity that make this deceptively simple process fun, stimulating and deeply moving, not to mention helpful, all at the same time! He has obvious and contagious love and passion for Process Work that makes it just about impossible not to want to "get into it" as soon as possible to see what you will find! I could not recommend another person or method for both getting results and enjoying oneself on an authentic, heartfelt level."

Client - name withheld due to confidentiality.