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Unintentional Music & Art

Experience with Unintentional Music and Art


"An utterly new approach! Lane's work has profoundly changed the way I play and teach music. Unintentional Music magically touches your soul at the same time it awakens your creativity."

Magdalena Schatzmann - Conservatory of Music in Bern, Switzerland.

"Unintentional Music unveils, with fun and excitement, a new world of music and creativity. Lane is passionate and compassionate, funny and deeply spiritual."

Dr. Arnold Mindell - psychotherapist in Portland, Oregon, and author of many books including Dreambody, The Shaman's Body, and Dreaming While Awake.

"With Lane's guidance, the image that revealed itself on my paper was even deeper, fuller, and more satisfying than the vision in my mind's eye. Now the unexpected can hold joy for me, rather than fear, which is very empowering to me. I am able to live in a richer, tastier way! A major transformation."

Karin Bartimole - award winning fine artist in New Rochelle, New York.

"Writing songs used to be hard work; now they just come out of me. And I am not afraid of the audience anymore. Lane taught me that there is no shame to show myself."

Tomasz Szwed - Singer-songwriter, performer, and recording artist in Warsaw, Poland.

"Lane's way of putting together his experience with process work and his love of music and creativity is brilliant. He is a pioneer."

Nisha R. Zenoff, Ph.D., MFCC - psychotherapist in Tiburon, California.


" Lane Arye facilitates an environment and process for groups with intuition, care, and subtlety. Lane has worked with our theatre company for years -- allowing us to draw on our deepest process of expression as performers. His style and mastery in moving a group from
the inside out, has presented us with a template for working and
growing together as a advanced performance company."

Charles Schnarr, director of Tucson Playback Theatre, Tucson, AZ.

Unintentional Music : A lesson in Following

Blocked creativity? Blocked expression?
Musical or artistic mistakes? Stage fright?
Inner criticism? Creative ruts? Lack of originality?

The unintentional aspects of the music we make - the unwanted note, the cracked voice, the strange croaking sound we try to avoid, the rhythmic problem we cannot erase even after hours of practice - contain more wisdom than we might think.

The same is true for the unexpected splash of color on the canvas, the ungraceful turn on the dance floor, or the writer's block that makes us pull out our hair.

They are intimations of parts of ourselves, and of our music and art, that lie beyond our awareness.

Exploring the unintentional with curiosity and love can help us to tap into the wellsprings of our deepest creativity, and make our music, our art, and ultimately our lives, more authentic, meaningful, and original.

  • Make your music and art more original and vital.
  • Unlock your deepest creativity.
  • Express yourself more fully and authentically.
  • Tap into the source of inspiration.
  • Transform your fear.
  • Open your ears to an inner guide.

UNINTENTIONAL MUSIC was developed by Lane Arye. A former professional blues and jazz singer, Lane spent many years researching ways to combine his passions for music and Process Work. He developed a powerful and fun method of working with people on the unintentional things that happen as they are actually playing or singing. Then he began to focus on the creative process itself, exploring what happens unintentionally in all kinds of art forms and modes of expression. Lane's book, Unintentional Music: Releasing Your Deepest Creativity, shows us how to use these new and exciting ideas to transform our music, our art, and ourselves.


  • Musicians and people who are convinced they will never be musical.
  • Artists of all kinds and people who think they don't have a creative bone in their bodies.
  • Anyone interested in music, dance, visual arts, theatre, poetry, writing, and all kinds of creative expression.
  • Music teachers and music students, art teachers and art students.
  • Expressive arts therapists, speech therapists, and psychotherapists.

To experience Unintentional Music & Art, contact Lane for a session in Oakland, California.

Lane also offers workshops and classes. Click here for a schedule or contact Lane to schedule a workshop.


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